Turkey hunting requires planning, research, scouting and some luck. Being a new hunter I needed all the help I could get, so I asked questions and read every article I could find. There is no shortage of useful information at your fingertips today from ammo selection to the best boots. With all of this in mind I started my journey towards the hope of punching a tag on a nice Florida Osceola Turkey.

First on the list was location and living in Florida we fortunately have Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). Just get the necessary permits and your all set. Using Google Earth allowed me to do much of the scouting from home, but there is no replacement for actually walking the area. With one such WMA about an hour away it was time to take a drive and start scouting. It did not take long to find the game we were after, all the preparation paid off.


A few weeks later after one unsuccessful hunt we made our second attempt to put a trophy on the wall. We set up the decoys and tucked into our hide to start calling. Within thirty minuets we had a couple groups of birds working their way towards us from the north and south. As the distance closed I tried to calm the nerves and steady my aim for my shot at destiny.

Sometimes the stars just don’t align the way you want. With maybe twenty yards left before what sounded like the largest turkey in the world stepped out in the open I hear someone having a very loud conversation. I look at my partner in total confusion trying to figure out what was going on. The next sound that filled the air was the flapping of wings as all our hopeful quarry flew away. That’s when I realized what was labeled on GPS as a rail road track had been turned into a bike path. I guess a little more homework was needed ….. Oh well, till next season.