Last year I mentioned to my partner that we should look into getting kayaks for fishing. The initial response was, “Why fish from a kayak, when you have a boat?” At the time, we had recently began doing a lot of bass fishing from a lake that was not accessible with a boat of any substantial size. I also began noticing saltwater locations that I would love to fish, but the water was too shallow to cross in a boat.



All of these situations led me to look into Kayak fishing, which has become very popular in the angler community. Fishing from a kayak gives you two major advantages; you become very stealthy and quiet when approaching the fishing spot and secondly you have access to bodies of water that don’t normally have boat access. From the first time we took the kayaks out, we were hooked! Now, the decision becomes tough on the days we plan to fish, do we take the yak or do we take the boat? Normally, the weather and the time allotted to go fishing determine which we decide to take out and we are blessed to even have a choice to make.

Important tips when looking for a fishing kayak; first, try and find as wide of a kayak as possible.

The reason being is that width helps with stability when casting and landing fish. The Feel Free Lure Kayak we use is 36 inches wide. Anything greater than 30 inches in width is best for a fishing kayak. Second, make sure your kayak has the ability to add rod holders and accessories. These additions will enhance the fishing experience and make it much easier to juggle everything. Lastly, be mindful of how long a kayak is.

We decided to go with an 11.5 foot kayak because it is long enough to handle water conditions but isn’t too long to put in the back of a pickup truck without a bed extender. Kayak fishing is something any level angler can do and for those looking to get on the water but don’t want to pay for the price of a boat, a kayak is a great option. We personally recommend a Kayak company called Feel Free and their “Lure” model is one of the leading Fishing Kayaks available for the best price. Kayak Fishing…We Do This Too!