Blackfins Outdoors was started by two friends who live the outdoors lifestyle; fishing, hunting, and big trucks are all in a days work for us. We wanted to create a brand that showed no matter what some may think, the adventures of the outdoors are enjoyed by many. The perception that all anglers and hunters do things the same and look the same, is why we are here. To show that there is a common thread amongst all outdoorsmen and thats the thrill of the chase and however you look or wherever you’re from, the goal is the same, get outside and have a blast.

Anchored out of Tampa Bay we do a lot of fishing, and who wouldn’t, Florida being the fishing capital of the world. Nothing better than chasing big fish and bending rods, especially with a climate where the bite is on fire year around. When not on the water, like many outdoorsmen, you can find us in the woods, chasing Virginia Whitetail and Florida Osceola Turkeys. Fishing and Hunting is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. We must conserve this way of life for the many generations to come.

Giving back is the core of our mission. Not only did we want to wear gear that looks cool, we created this brand to generate partnerships that provide opportunities for young people to experience the outdoors. Early on, we decided that 1% of all product sales will be donated annually to an urban youth group that gets young people engaged with the outdoors in a way they may not normally be exposed to. Join the Blackfins Outdoors movement and showcase the lifestyle we all share.







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